Welcome to the new Citizen Steve website.

It all started with REVOLUTION, a song I wrote back in 2008 after the expenses scandal revealed just how dishonourable our ‘right honourable members of parliament’ really are. Since then I have continued to write songs and music (including an album REVOLUTION RISING) and I have also produced a number of youtube videos. My passion is driven by my strong sense of English patriotism and the unjust treatment of people living in England. How can anyone refer to this country as a UNITED Kingdom when people living in England are treated with such contempt by the British political establishment. If you live in England and you are unaware of what I am referring to, I am assuming you (like students in Scotland) have no experience of University tuition fees.

My music does also have some lighter moments which helps to breakup the constant sound of the disillusioned drum banging in the direction of British political classes, I have written some more light hearted songs, although some of which may be regarded as a touch politically incorrect.

All the songs I have written are available to download on this website and some of are available as FREE MP3 downloads.

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I hope you will enjoy browsing through the new Citizen Steve website.